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The wishlist serves as a spot to record player input for future game features and changes. While the forums can be good for collecting input, a wiki page makes for freer organization and editing.

Additions will be edited mercilessly to be as concise and specific as possible.


  • /away
  • /dnd
  • /invite
    • Back parlors are only accessible through the saloon interface, presently; remote invitations would allow for easier navigation, and make it easier to gather a group of friends
    • Could allow for cross-town invitations, if technically feasible
  • /who
    • These days, knowing who is on would be quite handy.

Methods of dealing with problematic players[edit]


  • Friendly Folks management
    • One can only modify Friendly Folks status at the end of a game, presently
  • Log file saving (to an external file)
  • Display of the various statistics tracked for a character
    • People have to track win/loss streaks, units killed, etc. by hand, presently
    • Useful for predicting badge acquisitions
  • A "back" button in the big shot/unit/card selection interface at the start of matches
    • Opponents don't see what you've picked until you're all ready, and there's a timer, so you should be able to go back if you make a mistake
    • Could apply even once you've picked your cards and become set as "ready," as long as your opponents aren't all set as well
  • Improved performance for low-end computers
    • Could involve an option to lower graphics quality beyond the current minimum levels
  • Copy and paste
    • Paste text from outside the game into chat windows
    • Copy text from the chat history to paste elsewhere
  • Better ignore list management
    • Presently, the ignore list is only large enough to show one ignored name at a time, and can't be scrolled through with the mouse wheel
  • A longer top ranked list, possibly accessible from the website
  • Special events/tournaments
  • A tutorial on how to use the town you are in; this would include descriptions of the various buildings and how they relate to different parts of the game
  • A mouse over pop up for the various contender badges to show the week they were obtained.


These suggestions haven't been explicitly ruled out, but the Sheriffs have indicated that their implementation is unlikely.