Wendigo Attack

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Wendigo Attack is one of the four gameplay scenarios in Indian Trading Post. The aim of the game is to avoid the three Wendigo attacks in the round; each unit on your team not eaten by the Wendigos will score points for you.

There are two ways to avoid being eaten by a Wendigo; the first and more common is to step on a Glowing Rune and the second is to pick up a Sacred Talisman. Either way, if a unit survives the Wendigo attack it will give 15 points to that unit's owner (although an additional 25 points are given if the unit is both holding a Sacred Talisman, and standing on a Glowing Rune).

Nothing else can stop a unit from being eaten, as Wendigos will cause 100 damage regardless of health or Iron Plate bonuses.

Advance warning for a Wendigo attack is given when the game music stops and the game screen turns dark: four ticks after that, the Wendigos strike.

A switch and a Sacred Talisman.

Glowing Runes[edit]

Glowing Runes are special, rune-engraved tiles scattered around the board. There are two sets, always one of which is off and the other on. If a Forgiven bonus is bounced onto a glowing rune the rune will change. You can tell if a Rune is activated by its glow.

There are switches around the board, which, when stepped on, will change the inactive runes to active and vice versa. Once a switch has been triggered, it cannot be triggered again until four ticks after the unit that triggered it has moved off the switch.

Sacred Talisman[edit]

The Sacred Talisman is an item on the board, which when picked up by a unit will grant immunity from Wendigo attacks. It will give five points to the player who picks it up. It can be dropped by Stick Up cards or a Sharpshooter attack. The ideal unit to pick up the sacred talisman is a Thunderbird or a Trickster Raven. These two units can both fly for five spaces. They can be used to fly to a position where they can access either a glowing rune or a safety tile in one move. This allows a defence from an enemy reaching a glowing rune, or lets the unit score bonus points by being on a safety tile, and holding a talisman.


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