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The Three Rings Model Viewer is a tool you can use to view most of the three dimensional objects in B!H's installation files. Newer Windows installs should already have a shortcut to it in the instalation directory, and it is easy to create a shortcut to on all other platforms.

Obtaining the model viewer[edit]

  • Open your B!H installation directory.
  • Make a copy of the shortcut to the Bang! Howdy Editor, name it "Model Viewer."
  • Right click the new shortcut.
  • Select properties.
  • In the "Target" line, change the word "editor" to "viewer." Apply these changes.
  • When you open the shortcut, it will now open the Three Rings Model Viewer.

On Linux, you can create a shell script to launch the viewer by using this shell one-liner in your B!H install directory:

cat bangeditor | sed "s/editor/viewer/" > bangviewer ; chmod +x bangviewer

This does the same thing as the procedure above, only working from the shell script used to launch the editor and setting the executable permition on the resulting file.

Viewing a model[edit]

  • Open the model viewer.
  • Go to File, then click Load Model....
  • Navigate to the rsrc folder in the Bang Howdy folder. This is where the game has its images and models.
  • Find a model (usually .dat files) and open it. For example, 'Bang Howdy\rsrc\bonuses\frontier_town\bonus_point\model.dat'. Note that some of the models won't open, because they're outdated versions. Usually the ones you want are the ones in a town folder.


  • Click and drag around the screen to move your viewpoint.
  • Use the scrollwheel on the mouse to zoom in and out.

Unit models[edit]

Once you have opened a unit model, you can view the unit's standing, moving, attacking, dying and reacting movements using the dropdown menu at the bottom of the window. You can change the speed of the movements using the slider in the bottom right hand corner of the window.

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