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Sheriff (the equivalent of Ringer or Ocean Master on Y!PP) is a title given to the members of Three Rings' staff who help develop or maintain Bang! Howdy. Sheriffs perform various tasks both in-game and out, and individual duties typically vary from one sheriff to another. Most interaction sheriffs have with players is via the forums, on which they are distiguished by a red "Sheriff" label where forum rank is normally displayed. In-game, sheriffs are not given any special identification, and thus are often indistinguishable from normal players.

Some members of Three Rings' staff are alternatively referred to as "Deputies" rather than sheriffs. Deputies have the same abilities as sheriffs, but may be distinguished having less involvement with Bang! Howdy.


[edit] Sheriff duties

Though the duties of individual sheriffs vary, the majority, and most evident of contributions made to Bang! Howdy by Three Rings' staff are generally the development new code and graphics. The process of creating and implementing code and graphics serves to fix bugs and add new content, and culminates with a release.

In addition to preparing releases, many sheriffs also deal with "support issues", such as attending to bannings, unbannings, tech support, and communication with players. Some sheriffs do not develop code or graphics at all, instead focusing solely on support issues.

On the forums, sheriffs act as moderators, and serve to regulate language, edit content, and post announcements. As moderators, sheriffs also possess powers other users do not, and can delete threads, delete other users' posts, lock and unlock threads, and make threads "sticky".

[edit] Sheriffs and Deputies of Bang! Howdy

The following are the known sheriffs of Bang! Howdy, by their forum aliases.

[edit] Mdb

Mdb (known as Sheriff Mike in game, Michael Bayne out of game, and Jack on Y!PP) is Three Rings' CTO, and is in charge of the operations of Bang! Howdy. At one time, he handled most announcements on the forums, as well as operating in both management and technical roles, though his involvement with Bang! Howdy has lessened as of late.

[edit] Lindworm

Lindworm (Nick Popovich out of game) works as an artist and map designer for Bang! Howdy. He "very much enjoy[s] designing tighter boards", and is the one of the most active sheriffs on the forums. He is also a self-professed Gun.Smoke fan, and his avatar is a piece of art from that game.

[edit] Drzej

Drzej (Hussar on Y!PP and Andrzej Kapolka out of game) has stated that his "main focus has been the graphics", although he also appears to have knowledge of the game's coding and AI.[1]

[edit] Roparzh

Roparzh (known in game as Nervous Nelson and out of game as Mark Jonson) is the lead engineer for Bang! Howdy, and is in charge of posting release notes in the Announcements forum.

[edit] Bluebeard

Bluebeard (Rick Keagy out of game) is the "wizard of our Art"[2] at Three Rings, and works also to design and balance boards[3]. He is among the more active of the sheriffs on the forums, where, among other things, he has been quoted as giving Howdypedia a "Big thums up"[4] from the sheriffs.

[edit] BlackHat

BlackHat works as an artist for Bang! Howdy. His exact role for the game is unclear , but he works as an "Arrrtist" Ringer for Puzzle Pirates. BlackHat's cowpoke is named Black Hat, and has been seen more since the release of Indian Trading Post. When his hat is off, he is known as Ian McConville, the co-creator of the Mac Hall webcomic.

[edit] Poseidon

Poseidon's main role in Bang! Howdy is dealing with support issues - in particular, unbannings. His cowpoke is named Sheriff Machina (formerly Tuff Maddox).

[edit] Nemo

Nemo (Jon Demos out of game) is the senior "Arrrtist" Ringer for Puzzle Pirates, though it is unclear whether he has any significant role in the development of Bang! Howdy. He has been spotted in-game as Captain Nemo, attired in a Revolutionary's outfit (without the sombrero, despite Nemo's famous turban on Y!PP).

[edit] Cleaver

Cleaver is the alias of Three Rings' founder and CEO, Daniel James. Cleaver's role in the developement of Bang! Howdy, if any, is unclear, and he has contributed very little to the forums[5].

[edit] Lizthegrey

Lizthegrey is presently the only member of the Three Rings staff who refers to herself as a Deputy, because her involvement with Bang! Howdy is relatively limited..[6] She mainly works as a Ringer on Puzzle Pirates, but when she stops by the ranch, she usually helps out with support issues.

[edit] Hermes

Hermes is not currently active on the forums (and his forum account does not actually have a title), but he was previously involved in Poseidon's list of keys, bonuses, and cards.[7] His cowboy is named Tex Fosbery, although he has indicated that it was formerly Buck Frobisher; his tactician is named Mackenzie King.[8]

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