Indian Trading Post

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Indian Trading Post
A concept screenshot provided several months before ITP's release
Indian Trading Post (ITP) is the second town implemented in Bang! Howdy. Its core buildings are all the same as those of Frontier Town, but they are different aesthetically. As well as featuring all new units, Indian Trading Post has its own scenarios: Wendigo Attack, Totem Building, Warpath and the co-operative Forest Guardians. The town also has its own music.

In contrast to the "Wild West" theme of Frontier Town, Indian Trading Post is flavored with a Native American style.


The Indian Trading Post introduces four new scenarios:

Forest Guardians is the first and only scenario with a cooperative game mode thus far where all players are placed on the same team and work against a common AI opponent. All other scenarios so far have a competitive game mode.

In ranked, players can choose to change the game mode to 'Cooperative' meaning the player will only be placed in Forest Guardian matches whilst selecting 'Competitive' will allow players to be put in either Warpath, Totem Building or Wendigo Attack matches at random. Playing ranked matches from the Indian Trading Post also allows the players to choose whether or not they want to also include scenarios from Frontier Town by checking the 'Include Previous Towns' checkbox.

Players can play Frontier Town scenarios from the Indian Trading Post but players in Frontier Town cannot play Indian Trading Post scenarios regardless of whether or not they have unlocked the Indian Trading Post town.


Indian Trading Post's cards are comprised primarily of effects from nature; animals, weather, etc. Several cards also have effects which are at least marginally beneficial to both players, or are concerned with balance -- both from a gameplay and a thematic sense.


Indian Trading Post also has a new set of clothing.

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Historical Notes[edit]

  • Prior to Release 2007-06-11, the free day ticket was known as a day pass. This was changed due to the introduction of gold passes.
  • The Indian Trading Post was made available to everyone since the Wrangler Pass update.


Indian Trading Post units
Big shots: RevolutionaryStorm CallerTrickster Raven
Units: Buffalo RiderDog SoldierDream CatcherThunderbird
Special units: Locust RobotLogging RobotSuper Locust RobotSuper Logging Robot