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For the most part, we follow Wikipedia's manual of style. However, we also have a few additional conventions.

Article names

Everything should follow:

File names

For consistency and alphabetization purposes, some files' names are prefixed with a specific word (such files are still appropriately tagged).


All other files should be named following what they describe.


At present, not all terms' capitalization status is determined; in such cases, terms may be either capitalized or uncapitalized. For discussion, go here. "Uncapitalized" means that a term is not capitalized (although it may still be, following normal sentence structure); "capitalized" means that the unit follows ingame capitalization (which generally means that all words within the term are capitalized).

  • Generic (and some specific) terms such as scenario, board/map, town, and big shot are uncapitalized.
  • Town names are capitalized, e.g. Frontier Town.
  • Board names are capitalized, e.g. Abandoned Ranch
  • Unit names are capitalized, e.g. Steam Gunman.
  • Big shot names are capitalized, e.g. Old Codger.
  • Card names are capitalized, e.g. Giddy Up.
  • Bonus names are capitalized, e.g. Bonus Point Star.
  • Clothing names are capitalized following ingame expression, e.g. Frontier Dress with Book and Duster with cigarette.