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If you use Howdypedia in a responsible manner, your personal information will not be made public. Every edit you make is public, however, and everything you post can be freely viewed, and potentially reproduced.


Registered users are identified by their usernames; when you edit a page, your username is displayed next to the edit. If you do not wish to use an account to edit Howdypedia, you may instead edit anonymously, with your IP address shown in lieu of a username. Understand that this will render your IP address visible to any user browsing the wiki; if you edit while logged in, your IP will not be visible to the public (see below).

All edits made to Howdypedia are under its copyright policy; your work may be legally reproduced elsewhere, so do not post any information you consider private.

Removal of information

Information placed on any pages on Howdypedia is publicly visible. Any user may remove content from a page, but unless an Administrator deletes an article, all changes to it will remain visible in its edit history.

We will not remove article revisions except as a last resort: If you feel that a revision needs to be removed, contact Emufarmers.


Howdypedia, like most sites, keeps logs of all traffic. These logs include users' IP addresses, browsers, and page requests. They can be used for tracking down server or software errors, can help identify attackers, and can provide useful information in aggregate. Access to these logs is limited to Emufarmers and any persons he appoints for technical purposes.

Additionally, Howdypedia uses the CheckUser extension to record IP addresses with account creation, and with every edit. This information can only be accessed by Emufarmers, and its use is primarily for identifying sockpuppets, repeat vandals, and users attempting to evade the blocking policy.

Finally, Howdypedia uses the SearchLog extension. This extension tracks all search queries made to the wiki, and includes data on who made each query. This log is only accessible to Emufarmers, and is intended mainly for analysis of search patterns to make the wiki easier to navigate (through the use of redirects, for instance).

Personally identifiable server log, CheckUser log, and search query log information will only be released outside of Howdypedia or DreamHost system administrators in the following situations::

  1. In response to a valid subpoena or other compulsory request from law enforcement
  2. With permission of the affected user
  3. To Three Rings Design, Inc., for investigation of abuse complaints
  4. Where the information pertains to page views generated by a spider or bot and its dissemination is necessary to illustrate or resolve technical issues.
  5. Where the user has been vandalizing articles or persistently behaving in a disruptive way, data may be released to assist in the targeting of IP blocks, or to assist in the formulation of a complaint to relevant Internet Service Providers
  6. Where it is reasonably necessary to protect the rights, property, or safety of Howdypedia, DreamHost Web Hosting, Three Rings Design, Inc., Howdypedia's users, or the public

Aggregate log information that does not personally identify any user may also be released for operational, informational, or promotional purposes.



You may provide your email address in your preferences to enable other logged-in users to send email to you through the wiki. Your address will not be revealed to them unless you respond, or possibly if the email bounces. The email address may be used by Howdypedia to communicate with users on a wider scale. We do not sell email addresses, and will only share them under the conditions for releasing logs.

If you do not provide an email address, you will not be able to reset your password if you forget it. In this case, you will have to contact Emufarmers to enter a new email address in your preferences.

You can remove your email address from your preferences at any time to prevent it from being used.

Internet Relay Chat

Howdypedia's IRC channel is not hosted on Howdypedia's servers, and is subject to the Freenode network's policies. Keep in mind that connecting to an IRC server exposes your hostname (IP address) to other users, so contact Emufarmers for a hostmask if you have privacy concerns.

Three Rings

Our privacy policy is distinct from that of Three Rings Design, Inc. Consult Three Rings' privacy policy for privacy information relating to Bang! Howdy and other Three Rings services.