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Howdy there, and welcome to the Howdypedia, pardner! This is the official wiki for Bang! Howdy, a game under development by YourFunWorld Studios, LLC.

If you're just looking to find information about the game, then you can search for whatever you want to learn about. You could also use categories to find what you're looking for: For instance, Category:Terminology contains articles about general aspects of gameplay, and Category:Gameplay scenarios lists all the scenarios available in all towns.

If you want to add something, or even just fix a typographical error, you can start editing right away, or you can register and log in so your edits will be properly attributed to you; it just takes a minute, and it helps protect your privacy too.

If you don't quite understand just what a wiki is, there's a real nice tutorial over at Wikipedia. Or, if you just need some details on the particulars of things 'round here, you can check out our help and policy pages. If you're really stuck, then ask one of the old hands for assistance: Just leave a message on an administrator's talk page if you can't find anybody else. Or you can come on down to our IRC channel and talk to us live; it's a great way to meet some fellas even if you don't need help!

If you're looking for help on Bang! Howdy, the articles on the different scenarios and units are a good place to start; the FAQ might also have what you need.