Desert Rendezvous

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Desert Renezvous

Farmer Jeb bounty mission

Opponents: 1
Teams: 1v1

Land Grab

Duration: Normal Speed: Normal
AI Skill: 50

Frontier Town-Tin Star.png
Tin Star
Starting cards

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Starting units
Steam Gunman
Farmer Jeb
Color: Red
Team: Renegade Farmers
Farmer Jeb's units
Old Codger


  • Homesteads claimed must be at least 2

Outlaw's statements[edit]

Bounty opening[edit]

"This here fine plot o' sand is mine, wagons and all! If ya thinks otherwise, you'll have ta fight me fer it."

Bounty completion[edit]

"Well pitch ma fork! Lady Luck won't be on yer side next time, pardner."

Bounty failure[edit]

"No one can put the stop to my ever expandin' empire."

Strategies and Guides[edit]

Board: Desert Crossing

Your Calvalry has a huge movement range compared to Jeb's 2 units, so use that. Get the 2 homesteads on your side of the track, and after your other units demolish Jeb's units, get the 2 homesteads opposite of the ones you just collected. At this point, he will have no chance.


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