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The Bang! Howdy Forums (or simply the forums) are the official forums for Bang! Howdy. The forums are designed for players to interact and discuss matters with each other and the sheriffs, which generally, but not always, relate to Bang! Howdy. The forums are also where technical assistance, announcements, and post-release notes are provided by sheriffs. The forums are availible for all to read, but in order to post comments one must have access to a registered forum account.


There are four forums for Bang! Howdy, each with a specific purpose. The forums and their intended uses (with developers' descriptions in italics) are as follows:

Announcements [1]
"Announcements from the developers."
The Announcements forum is where the Sheriffs (usually Roparzh) post patchnotes for game releases and occasionally other announcements. This forum is closed to threads and replies from non-Sheriffs.
Technical Issues and Bugs [2]
"Discussion of technical problems installing or running the game and bugs."
This forum is the place to go if you're having trouble with the game. When making a topic, it is advised to describe your problem in as much detail as possible. Topics posted here will be looked over and discussed by the Sheriffs and other forumgoers.
Shootin' the Breeze [3]
"Discussion of anything under the sun that isn't more appropriate for another forum."
The Shootin' the Breeze forum is the place to post anything that does not belong in the other available forums. This can range from ideas for the game, to tactics, to introductions.
The Camp Fire [4]
"Draw us a purdy picture, sing a tune around the campfire, compose an ode to yer saddle sores. Any sort of creative enterprise is welcome."

Forum accounts[edit]

Registered forum accounts are Bang! Howdy accounts that have been fully activated by having given correct email information and responding to an automatic confirmation email. Registered accounts may be loged into via the “Login” link near the upper right of the forums’ website. Logged in accounts have the options of modifying their profile, changing their signature, creating posts or threads, and sending or recieving private messages (PM's).


All forum accounts have a profile, or set of personal data, which is displayed, in part, on the account’s profile page (navigated to clicking the account's name on any of its posts). Players can modify most of their profile at any time, as well as change whether or not certain aspects of their profile, such as email address, are visible to other viewers. A complete profile includes an account’s email adress, date of creation, avatar (if present), most recent login, online/offline status, player’s birthdate, player’s occupation, player’s gender, and player’s first and last names, though email address, occupation, etc. may concealed.

Private messages[edit]

Private messages (PM's) are a means by which forum accounts may communicate directly with each other without others knowing the content, or existance, of messages sent. To send a PM, from an account's profile page, click the "PM" icon next to the online/offline status. PM's are written in the same format as posts. To check PM's sent or recieved, after logging in, go to your profile page and select the "My Private Messages" link under the "My Control Panel" toolbar.


Posts are a particular comments made by accounts, and appear within threads as boxes of alternating white and tan color, inside of which players' remarks appear. Below a post is the signature of the account that made it, and on the left of a post is a short summary of information regarding the account. Included in this summary are the account’s avatar, forum rank, total forum posts, and whether the account is presently logged in or not (displayed as a black “offline” or green “online”). Forum rank is a title that is assigned to accounts depending on how many posts they have made. Forum ranks and required total posts are as follows:

Rank Posts
Stranger 0-9
Tenderfoot 10-49
Cowpoke 50-99
Old Hand 100+

To create a post in a thread after having logged in, click the "Reply to this Post" link to the upper right of any existing posts in the thread. Optionally, a player may also post with a quote from another post by clicking the "Reply with Quote" link next to the "Reply to this Post" link.


Threads are where, within each forum, posts are made. Threads usually focus on a single topic for conversation, which is normally stated in the first post. Threads are created by, after loging in, clicking the "Post new Thread" link displayed to the upper right of a list of threads or list of posts within a thread.

Threads are given additional notation depending on what kind of thread they are. Generally, threads are distinguished as "Hot" (having many posts), or otherwise, and by whether the thread has any new posts since an account's last login (when not logged in, all threads are shown as having no new posts). Posts can also be assigned special statuses by sheriffs, such as sticky (the thread always appears above normal threads on the list of threads) and announcement (the thread always appears above normal and sticky threads, and cannot be responded to but by sheriffs; all threads in the Announcements forum are of this type).

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